How Spotify’s Preference Center is Good for Customers and Great for Marketing

For as long as email has existed, common wisdom has held that the bigger the email list, the better. While some businesses might be happy with a list of 1,000, others say that 100,000 isn’t enough. Another way to look at email lists, though, is to consider quality over quantity. If everyone on your list

Work Better Together — Dyspatch and Mailgun

This guest post comes from our friends at Mailgun, the email service built by and for developers. Mailgun integrates beautifully with Dyspatch, empowering seamless collaboration between developers and marketers on transactional email. — There is a fine line between working together and working against each other. When it comes to email, ensuring your teams have

How to Optimize Transactional Email to Build Customer Engagement

It’s a story almost as old as the internet itself. You make an online purchase from a well-loved, long-established brand, only to receive an order confirmation email that looks like it was coded by your ten-year-old nephew. In 1989.  Whether the result of inefficient workflows, an inability to work across silos, or due to the