ICYMI: How to Succeed at Email Marketing in 2018

Matt Harris, Sendwithus co-founder and CEO, published an article on CommPro.biz earlier this year on some of the key strategies and trends for email marketing in 2018. With social platforms’ constantly changing algorithms, it’s becoming harder and harder to make it into a customer’s feed, and even harder to stand out once you’re there. As a

How to improve your API without pissing off your customers

Have you ever written software that was perfect after release? Did you ship it to production and never push an update again? I haven’t. And APIs are no exception. After you publish your API, you’ll probably receive a flood of requests to better support different use cases. Customers will ask for more fields in your

ICYMI: How to Design Email for Mobile-First

Matt Harris, Sendwithus co-founder and CEO, recently published an article on MarTech Advisor about mobile-first email design. Mobile accounts for over half of all email opens – and has done since 2015. Not only that, some 80% of consumers will delete an email if it doesn’t look good on their phones. With stats like that, doesn’t

Is the GDPR about Location or Citizenship? And Should You Care?

Following our recent webinar, Marketing for Consent: How to Make GDPR Compliance Work for You, one of the participants posted the following question: “The webinar says that GDPR applies to location not citizenship. I’ve read otherwise. Can you clarify?” The application of the GDPR is not based on citizenship — the very notion of businesses accessing

ICYMI: 7 Interactive Email Ideas For B2B Marketing

Sendwithus co-founder and CEO, Matt Harris, recently published an article in Chief Marketer about several ways B2B marketers can leverage interactive elements in their email campaigns. Traditionally associated with B2C marketing, and sometimes with eye-rolling disdain, B2B marketers are discovering that interactivity can work for them, too. Find out what Matt had to say about making