Building a scalable GraphQL server, with lessons from OData

GraphQL is awesome for clients. GraphQL offers a lot of power and flexibility to the API consumer. For example, the following query will fetch a list of users along with their id, email, and group: { users { id email group { id name } } } The API consumer loves this because: They get

The Importance of Effective Onboarding to New-Hire Success

No matter how old someone is, starting a new job can feel a lot like the first day at a new school, with all the anxiety associated with adjusting to new surroundings, new people, and new situations. An effective onboarding strategy plays a key role in easing that anxiety and helping new team members find

How to Boost B2B Email Outreach with AI and Machine Learning

No one likes to leave money on the table, but many B2B marketers do it again and again with their email messaging. Every time a customer, existing or prospective, opens an email, it’s an opportunity. It’s your chance to cross- or upsell a current user, or to engage a prospect and move them along in

How to Interview at a Tech Startup

As a job seeker, it can be easy to look at the interview as a one-sided process, where a company is deciding if you’re a good fit for their role. But an interview is also a chance for you to evaluate whether the company and the role are going to be a good fit for

How to Create an Honest and Transparent Employee Value Proposition

One of the best pieces of advice I received when I started working in tech was from a senior recruiter at Twitter, who told me that one of the first things I should do was create an Employee Value Proposition (EVP). This was especially important, they said, if I was going to be expending time