Matt Harris, Sendwithus co-founder and CEO, recently published an article at CustomerThink offering tips on how companies can drive hyper-adoption of their products.

Matt talks about the factors that contributed to the hyper-adoption of Slack, the business communication and collaboration platform, and the strategies that contributed to their success. Currently boasting over six million users, Slack achieved a $1 billion valuation in just two years and quadrupled that just two years later — growth fueled largely by word-of-mouth.

It’s not easy to replicate that kind of hyper-adoption — a term coined by Forrester Research Analyst James McQuivey in 2015 — but it is possible.

Read Matt’s full article for insight into the importance of:

  • Share-ability as key to creating the perception of value
  • On-boarding that’s both easy and beautiful
  • Not harassing your users
  • Being obsessive about soliciting feedback — and acting on it
  • Marketing strategically

The most important factor in driving hyper-adoption is to meet a real need and meet it exceptionally well. Do that and your users will will be clamouring for your product before your first release — then they’ll do most of your marketing for you.


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