Play Tag with Your ESP

We’ve been hard at work at Sendwithus pumping out new features. Our latest is the added ability to tag your email sends through our API with custom tags. Email tags help you organize and group your transactional emails. Tag your emails with anything from different types of emails to specific details about your emails. For

We’ve Made A/B Testing Even Better

Our A/B testing allows you to experiment with different variations of an email to determine which is the most engaging. Use Sendwithus to: Easily modify templates to set up your experiment Observe each template’s average success over time Clearly see which variation is winning

More Than Text: Sendwithus API Supports Attachments!

The Sendwithus dev team launched our most requested feature this week – attachment support on email sends! Now your transactional emails can include file attachments, such as images and PDFs. This is a major improvement and a much-requested feature for customers who want to A/B test important emails that contain more than just text. For

Snip out Repeated Code with Our New Snippet Support!

We recently introduced a new feature to simplify code reuse in email templates. Our new snippet support lets you define common HTML blocks once, then include them in multiple email templates. Snippets are perfect for components like headers and footers, or smaller components like social buttons and common links. Head over to our Help Center

Resend Your Emails

Sometimes things happen that prevent a recipient from seeing an email. Maybe the person won the lottery and was too busy celebrating to check their email for a few days, or maybe, just maybe, it was flagged as spam.

User Permissions for Teams

We’ve been working hard to make it easier for teams using sendwithus to work together. Today we’re announcing the ability to set access permissions for each member of your team so you can take control of your workflow.

API Key Management and Testing

Developers, we want to make your life easy. Really easy. So today we’re releasing three major updates to Sendwithus API Keys, just for you.