The Top 3 Tips for Successful Outbound Recruiting

Outbound recruitment is a strategy where a recruiter seeks out and contacts candidates they believe could be a good fit for the role at hand. It’s an essential practice for any recruitment team, but it can involve a lot of ups and downs. For some roles, your efforts will be successful and you’ll fill a

Policy for a Pet-Friendly Workplace

Pet-friendly workplaces are the norm in tech and they’re quickly becoming an expectation of employees. Industry leaders like Google and Facebook have well-established policies for employees who want to bring their pets to work. The Amazon headquarters in Seattle has a particularly pet-friendly campus, with up to 6000 dogs in the office some days! They

How Spotify’s Preference Center is Good for Customers and Great for Marketing

For as long as email has existed, common wisdom has held that the bigger the email list, the better. While some businesses might be happy with a list of 1,000, others say that 100,000 isn’t enough. Another way to look at email lists, though, is to consider quality over quantity. If everyone on your list

How to Build a Parental Leave Policy as a Startup

As a company, we have always had strong convictions when it comes to supporting our team and ensuring their success. Parental leave was one of those ways we could support our growing team through a huge transitional period in their lives. We specifically chose to have a universal Parental Leave Policy, instead of separate maternity

Implementing Employee Feedback Surveys at a Startup

A few months ago, I attended a workshop on how organizations should use employee feedback as fuel, presented by Shelley Osborne, head of Learning and Development at Udemy. Shelley talked about how doing so is essential to growth and development, not a nice add-on. Without feedback, Human Resources (HR) can’t know how to help grow

Announcing Sendwithus Pricing Updates

Today we’re announcing changes to Sendwithus Trial and Lite pricing plans, which will take effect on December 1, 2018. Update: Sendwithus Lite is now called Sendwithus Basic and Sendwithus Enterprise is now known as Sendwithus Premium.  Our goal has always been simple pricing that grows with our customers and we’re continuing that tradition with our